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    Fleas are gross! These bloodsucking insects infest cats and dogs, and can easily get into your home to bother pets that live strictly indoors. Do you need help dealing with a flea problem? We have a product that will work for your pet!! Many options available – give us a call to find out what will work for your situation and budget.

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    Welcome to Jumper Creek Vet Clinic!

    We’re your local small animal veterinarian in Bushnell, Florida. Call us today at (352) 568-1333 to schedule your appointment! We offer a variety of services, from preventative care to surgery! We also see daytime emergencies.

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    Do You Have An Emergency?

    If you have an after-hours emergency, please call the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida at 352-728-4440. The VEC is open 6pm-7:30am weekdays and 6pm Friday to 7:30am Monday on the weekends.

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In the News

Beware of fleas!!

Flea season is here!! Does your pet need flea prevention? Fleas are easily preventable, even inf Florida, if your pet is on the right prevention! Here at Jumper Creek, we carry a variety of flea prevention products to win the battle against these nasty pests. Give us a call today with any questions.